Learning by Questions shortlisted for the most Bett Awards for one product 2019

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Learning by Questions (LbQ), the new teaching and learning app that launched in October, has just been nominated for the greatest number of BETT Awards for a single product this year.

Shortlisted in four categories including Innovator of the Year for the second year running, LbQ has also been selected for Classroom Aids for Learning, Teaching and Assessment, Collaboration with a School Award and the Impact Award, the last two being new categories.

Masefield Primary School in Bolton nominated LbQ for the Impact Award. Three years ago, Masefield was under Local Authority review and was being absorbed into an academy chain. Today they are in the top 4% of schools for maths progress in the UK, with 90% of children hitting the expected standard (against UK average of 61%).

“We use LbQ three times a week and it has reduced hours from my workload. But it’s the children who have all developed a resilience, confidence and love of learning who are LbQ’s biggest fans.” – Andy Done, Deputy Head of School and Year 6 teacher.

See Masefield Schools submission film here.

The team at LbQ are hoping that the pedagogy will find new fans at the world’s largest edtech show – BETT which will take place from 23rd to 26th January 2019 with over 800 leading developers and 34,000 attendees. Winners selected by the 44 judges will be announced at the 21st BETT Award ceremony on 23rd January.




Learning by Questions (LbQ) www.lbq.org is a cloud-based educational classroom tool and App that saves teachers time and increases their efficiency by highlighting which students need their help and which concepts need teaching during lessons. 

Students’ use devices such as tablets and progress at their own pace and level through high quality Question Sets and receive immediate automatic feedback as they answer.  Teachers receive live analysis and results are saved to support assessment and planning. Data is stored automatically to support lesson planning.

LbQ covers KS2 and KS3 maths mastery, English and Science. With more than 750 Question Sets and 25,000 questions (growing by 3,000 per month) teachers can access high quality questions for using front of class and on pupil devices during lessons.

Funded and owned by the Bowland Charitable Trust and led by the founder of Promethean Tony Cann CBE, the team behind Learning by Questions have an established reputation for changing classrooms around the world.  Further independent testing of the programme by the Institute for Effective Education confirms that pupils using Learning by Questions could advance by an additional term over a school year.