Learning by Questions takes off by joining BESA Launchpad community

Learning by Questions (LbQ), the new teaching and learning programme conceived by EdTech pioneer Tony Cann CBE (Founder of Promethean) has this week become the latest company to join the Launchpad arm of the much-respected trade body BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association).

LbQ has a team of 30 experienced educators who receive guidance from the Institute for Effective Education at the University of York. It utilises ‘best practice’ pedagogy, cloud platform and curriculum aligned question sets during lessons. Questions are delivered to student devices along with automatic instant personalised feedback, self-paced private learning and real time analysis for teachers so there is no need for teacher marking.

Independent studies in both Maths and Grammar show that Learning by Questions could increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning by more than 25%. 

After a rigorous £1 million Teacher Feedback Study across the UK, it is set to make educators’ lives much easier since maths questions are structured around mastery to which the Government pledged £41 million in 2016.The Beta version is on the way followed by full lift off in Autumn 2018. Becoming a BESA Launchpad represents the beginning of a great relationship between BESA and Learning by Questions from its infancy.

Nina Iles, Head of EdTech at BESA, said: BESA is delighted to welcome Learning by Questions into its ever growing Launchpad community. BESA is committed to helping teachers and schools reduce teacher workload and works tirelessly to support companies which produce innovative tools and resources with which to help them do so, such as Learning By Questions.

“Our Launchpad programme provides all of its subscribers with a multitude of opportunities to engage with not only BESA members, but also the wider education and EdTech eco-systems. We very much look forward to working with Tony, Alan and their team.”

Tony Cann, founder of Learning by Questions added “Educators are, by their nature, a community and BESA is a place where we can all come together, share ideas, hold each other up to certain standards and find solutions for future generations of students and teachers.  Learning by Questions is very proud to be a Launchpad.”




Learning by Questions is a cloud-based educational classroom tool that saves Teachers time and increases their efficiency by highlighting which Students need their help and which concepts need teaching during lessons. Students progress at their own pace and ability through question sets and receive immediate automatic feedback as they answer. Teachers receive live analysis and results are saved to support assessment and planning.

Funded and owned by the Bowland Charitable Trust and led by the founder of Promethean Tony Cann CBE, the team behind Learning by Questions have an established reputation for changing classrooms around the world.  Further independent testing of the programme by the Institute for Effective Education confirms that using Learning by Questions could increase learning by more than 25%.

Currently undergoing a £1 million Feedback Study with 50 schools in 10 local authorities across the UK and with a Beta Testing Programme to be launched in January, Learning by Questions is committed to improving education through evidence based pedagogy and will be launching in Autumn 2018.

Find out more by visiting www.learningbyquestions.org or call Alan Walker on 01254 688060; a.walker@learningbyquestions.org