Leading maths scheme joins forces with edtech champion.


One of the UK’s most popular mathematics support providers, White Rose Maths, has announced that it will endorse and supply schools with Learning by Questions, the new award-winning classroom app that has teachers buzzing about it on Twitter.  

White Rose Maths’ reputation is second to none amongst math educators.  White Rose Maths brings together a team of highly experienced and passionate maths teaching experts to train, guide, help and support all those who want to make change happen in their schools. The schemes have become so popular that White Rose Maths resources have been downloaded over 26 million times on the TES site alone, and are in use in 140 different countries. 

Despite their phenomenal success, White Rose Maths have only partnered with companies that they feel support the teaching for mastery approach.  This new relationship with Learning by Questions represents a serious vote of confidence from the maths experts.

Learning by Questions is a classroom-app that gives immediate constructive feedback to every learner answer whilst giving real-time insights to the teacher and it has been enjoying unprecedented nominations for awards, winning Innovator of the Year and Secondary Content of the Year at the edtech industries most prestigious award show, Bett.  

Not only that, but word is getting out amongst educators on social media too and the company has grown by over 400% in twelve months with the app receiving 1.6 million answers a week in the lead up to SATS.


“A highlight of my day was an impressively high quality demo from @LbQorg from a fully qualified, highly experienced Physics teacher with a clear passion for formative assessment. Nicely done Learning by Questions. I now understand the hype!” 

Natalie Nezhati, Journalist & Bett Judge.


“I LOVE @LbQorg! It has absolutely transformed Year 6 revision!”



Alan Walker, Head of Business Development for LbQ had this to say about the new partnership:

 “White Rose Maths has been a guiding light for LbQ when it comes to mathematics content for teachers.  Their expertise can only be matched by their passion and enthusiasm and their belief that everyone can be good at maths – a belief that we very much share.  We are delighted to be official partners. It feels like the perfect fit.


Caroline Hamilton, Head of White Rose Maths, added:

“We’re so excited to be partnering with Learning by Questions, and we really feel that together we can make a difference. We’ve been massively impressed with the technology, question sets and support offered by LbQ, as well as the testimonials from schools already implementing the software in class. We both share the same goals for the future; together, we’re building a whole new culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths – a culture that produces strong, secure learning and real progress.”

With Learning by Questions and White Rose Maths/ Pearson both picking up awards at this years Bett – plus 5 conference dates across the UK, 2020 looks like it’s going to get top marks for these two math enthusiasts!


Learning by Questions and White Rose Maths Unite


Learning by Questions Limited, Bowland House Philips Road Whitebirk Industrial Estate, Blackburn, BB1 5NA, United Kingdom

More news on BESA members can be found here.


About Learning by Questions and White Rose Maths

About Learning by Questions

Learning by Questions (LbQ) is a cloud-based educational classroom tool.  The app ensures that teachers can support all their learners all the time whilst reducing the unnecessary aspects of their workload such as marking and resource finding.

This is possible through a vast library of 1800 curriculum-based Question Sets covering KS2, KS3, KS4 maths, science and English that teachers can select from and learners progress through.

Every answer learners give has a perfectly attuned feedback response from the system and the result is that they are encouraged to have another go and learn from every attempt.  

At the same time, teachers are able to see on a live matrix board exactly how their class is getting on and intervene swiftly with individuals, groups or whole class.  Since the lesson is automatically marked, teachers have more time to use the results and plan effectively ahead.

LbQ has been developed by the team who first pioneered edtech in the UK, creating the Promethean Whiteboards and revolutionising classrooms around the world.  In its first year, LbQ won the prestigious Innovator of the Year award and Secondary Content award at the BETT Awards and has been finalist 9 times. It has also won the award for Best Secondary Content at the Education Resources award.  

40,000 hours have been saved by LbQ teachers in the first year.


About White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths is a group of teachers and mathematicians dedicated to developing and improving maths education, and inspire everyone to love maths as much as we do.

We offer schools in-depth training programmes, a vast bank of clear, practical resources (many of them available free of charge), and the bespoke support needed to keep raising the bar. We aim to make teachers’ jobs a whole lot simpler, while helping them change the future for every child.

We believe #MathsEveryoneCan.