Metro Security (GB) PLC has devised an extensive range of intruder alarm systems and complementary alarm monitoring/response capabilities for the education sector, to combat a wide variety of hazards faced by primary and secondary schools, colleges, academies and universities.

These significant risks include malicious damage, vandalism, threats and/or harm caused to pupils, teachers and other staff, as well as other persons on site such as visiting students, contractors and maintenance operatives etc. Additionally, intruders represent a serious risk by exposing sites to thefts of equipment and valuables.

Intruder monitoring

As a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold-certified security systems provider, Metro Security (founded in 1978) offers education facilities some 40 years’ experience in providing intruder alarm systems, along with remote monitoring of equipment from its in-house 24/7 confirmation and response centre.

Metro provides reliable systems designed to ensure appropriate and bespoke intruder protection, based on site specific risk profiling that determines the best and most cost effective specification for the circumstances and threats faced.

Integrated benefits

Metro Security’s systems can also be interfaced with related security equipment such as CCTV cameras, with this integration ensuring, for example, that audible, visual and sequential confirmation of any incident is available to a remote alarm receiving centre’s operators. This prevents false alerts from occurring and maintains police response to any verified site intrusions.

Intruder alarm systems are subject to a variety of British and European standards, as well as local authority and police requirements – all of which Metro Security can expertly advise on, to ensure educational systems are fully compliant.


Metro can supply a full range of equipment comprising a customised intruder alarm monitoring system for your educational facilities. In addition to equipment including motion sensors, movement detectors, keypads, panic buttons, remote dialers and external sounders, Metro Security’s seamless service covers servicing, maintenance, system monitoring and keyholder response to any equipment activations and/or confirmed alarms.

It’s also important to ensure that all on-site staff responsible for operating any intruder alarm system are appropriately trained in the correct procedures for eg setting and unsetting the equipment, to ensure that false alarms do not inadvertently occur through operational errors. Metro’s team provides this on-the-spot training as part of its installation service.

Further details: http://www.metrosecurity.co.uk