New Cloud Finance; HR solution responds to market sector challenges  

WCBS, the leading provider of finance management software to independent schools in the UK, has announced the latest addition to its product suite – a new cloud-hosted Finance & HR solution set to take the market by storm.

First introduced in 1984, WCBS’s passFINANCE has been the market-leading solution for over two decades. Having developed and supplied on-premise school management information systems for 35 years, in over 40 countries, WCBS has now added a cloud-hosted finance solution with additional functionality and benefits to further meet the needs of today’s independent schools and school groups. 

Partnering with The Access Group, one of the UK’s unicorn companies; WCBS’s Cloud Finance takes the passFINANCE expertise to a new level, addressing many of the challenges and requirements that independent schools worldwide are now facing. The need to run a school as a streamlined business requires detailed expenditure and income analysis, direct routes to banks for supplier payments, and specialist support to meet the unique needs of the school – from boarding and catering requirements, to school trips and hospitality management.

Integrated data management is a common need and essential for the growing number of school groups, and independent schools with foreign sister schools. A consolidation option within Cloud Finance allows groups to centrally manage accounts across all their schools.  

“We are delighted to partner with The Access Group in the delivery of our new Cloud Finance, HR & Payroll solution. Their core finance module is truly best-of-breed and perfectly complements our billing and sales ledger to bring together a big step forward in Finance, HR & Payroll offerings to fee-paying schools.” 

Stephen Bilboe, Sales & Marketing Director at WCBS.

The increasingly complex business of managing school finances has been addressed within Cloud Finance, including the management of multiple contracts along with comprehensive consolidation reporting and analysis. These functions have been tailored for the education sector, providing an advanced finance management solution for the 21st-century school and school group.  

“We know that schools don’t want an out-of-the-box finance management system because they now vary so extensively in their provision and needs,” says Stephen. “We have introduced Cloud Finance as a complementary offering to our leading passFINANCE solution, and in response to the breadth of requirements of today’s independent schools. Cloud Finance aims to mitigate all the typical risks and challenges they now face, and to provide the very specific support that’s essential to successful implementation.”

Cloud Finance is available to UK independent schools, and to international schools around the world where financial regulations allow. Schools already using passFINANCE who wish to migrate to Cloud Finance will be able to do so seamlessly.

For more information on Cloud Finance, visit www.wcbs.co.uk/finance. If you would like to arrange a demonstration or find out more, email sales@wcbs.co.uk or call +44 (0)1458 833 344.