BESA Director General Caroline Wright recently wrote an article highlighting the opportunities available for education suppliers in Peru which is available here

Now further evidence has been released via the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office of business opportunities in the educational sector under the Peru-UK G2G agreement. 

Education in Peru is an important pillar for the development of the country and the creation of new generations of human capital that will be the future of a country that aims to maintain macroeconomic stability. Given this, the fact that the Peruvian government along the Reconstruction with Changes Authority (ARCC) signed a Government-to-Government (G2G) agreement with the United Kingdom takes special importance. The agreement will allow Peru to access the best international expertise by receiving strategic advisory and technical assistance from UK Companies.

The reconstruction programme has education as one of its main priorities as it is planned to realize 74 interventions in 8 regions of Peru, the interventions will either rehabilitate or fully reconstruct educational establishments. Furthermore, 36 interventions have been categorized as priority projects and will be among the first deliveries of the programme. It is important to highlight that the interventions will require suppliers in the areas of design (engineering), building, supply and installation of furniture and educational equipment (indoor and outdoor).

The following table indicates the priority projects by region and their type of NEC contract, a best practice that was also used at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games that also involved a Government-to-government agreement between Peru and the United Kingdom

Regions (Package Nro.)InterventionsNEC Contract
Ancash (1)10F
Piura (3)15F
Lambayeque (4)5A
La Libertad (2)4A
Tumbes (5)2A
Total 36 


For any further information about the Reconstruction programme, timelines and specific requirements, please contact the G2G team at DIT Lima:

Alvaro Canales 
G2G Project Manager 

Zandra Legua
G2G Project Manager