Education can transform lives for the better, and teachers are at the heart of that. That’s why Oriel Square are launching their Teacher Research Group – to bring themselves and their clients closer to the forefront of education.


Why Oriel Square want to hear from teachers

It’s easy to think that we know everything about education. After all, we’ve all been through it. Many of us have even worked in education, and it’s simple to assume that we know the challenges and triumphs that teachers, leaders and learners experience day-to-day. But when education has such a significant impact on the futures of many, it’s important for us to check our assumptions and involve those at the heart of its delivery – teachers themselves.

Oriel Square are building a network of teachers for just that. Many of their research projects involve teacher input, whether that’s taking part in surveys or focus groups, product testing or consulting. The Oriel Square Teacher Research Group aims to bring those voices to the forefront of our market research, and give their partner-teachers something in return. 


What is the Teacher Research Group?

The Group will be an ongoing project, beginning with a small number of Classroom Experts to work with their in-house Subject Champions. Oriel Square hope those relationships will deepen their knowledge of subject developments and policy updates, and their effects in the classroom, as well as feed into the early phases of research projects. Part of that will be helping them to shape research hypotheses for further testing and acting as consultants to help their clients deliver classroom-informed resources.  

They are also recruiting a larger pool of teachers for the full Research Group, from across the UK, to take part in larger-scale activities. All of this is intended to be a light-touch input from teachers, but with a high value to them as educational content creators. As part of the Teacher Research Group initiative, they want to give something back to that community too. As well as the typical incentives for taking part in a research project, they will also digest and share public research and best practice, help to navigate through policies and more! They hope they can have a small but positive impact on our teachers and their students. 

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Get involved

I’m a teacher. Register your interest by emailing research@orielsquare.co.uk with your name, role and school name. 

I know a teacher. Forward them a link to this blog. https://www.orielsquare.co.uk/blog/index.php/2022/05/04/oriel-square-launches-teacher-research-group/

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