Research by Edurio reveals stark data on pupil wellbeing in English schools. Highlighting views from 184,000 pupils collected over three years by school survey specialists at Edurio, the study shows only 38% of pupils reporting feeling well lately – down 9% from the previous academic year.


Alarmingly, scores are worsening for girls faster than boys, from an already lower base. Girls’ overall wellbeing has slipped 12%, from 43% feeling well in 2020-21, to just 31% last year. Boys, who reported higher wellbeing in 2020-21, have slipped by 8% – from 54% to 46%.


This research is based on the experience of 184,000 pupils across England and compares key changes in wellbeing from 2020 to 2023.


Other key findings include:


  • Wellbeing, stress and sleep quality have worsened significantly over the last three years
  • Return to in-person schooling has left pupils only slightly less lonely than in 2020
  • Wellbeing scores decrease as pupils get older, but there is an increase in happiness at school once pupils enter sixth form


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