Rt Hon John Bercow MP, urges schools to ‘take a look at FUZE Technologies’

In a recent visit to Swanbourne School in Buckinghamshire, Rt Hon John Bercow applauded BESA Launchpad subscriber, FUZE Technologies, stating that it has, “identified a gap in the current teaching techniques between visual coding tools and professional real-world languages”. 

The MP for Bucks and Speaker of the House of Commons was visiting the school during one of the FUZE computing workshops and training sessions which it runs in schools across the country.

In September 2014, the UK became the first country in the world to put computing at the heart of the school curriculum; recognising it as a skill that children must be taught if they are able to operate in today’s digital world and compete for careers in the future.

Rt Hon John Bercow admitted after the class, that much credit had to be given to the boy sitting next to him, 11 year-old James, who showed him how exciting and fun the FUZE is. By the end of the lesson, Bercow had grasped the concepts behind simple loops, controlling LEDs and even working with a light sensor!

He said, “Where FUZE really excels is in enabling primary school and young secondary school children to learn to code using a text based language which is what real coding is all about. FUZE has designed a toolset to ease students out of the coding kindergarten into the real world, while offering exciting career opportunities for future generations of creators.”

“I hold no doubt we are in for an exponential increase in computing technology in the coming decades. We must equip future generations with the knowledge, skills and confidence required to create, contribute to and – of course – capitalise on, this incredible opportunity.

 I would urge any school looking to enhance its teaching in this field to take a look and invite Team FUZE into their school for a workshop”.

Jon Silvera, CEO and founder of FUZE Technologies said, “The FUZE brings programming and even electronics straight to the child, providing the perfect platform to explore, investigate and progress at their own pace. I am so pleased that Rt Hon John Bercow recognises what an exceptional tool the FUZE is in helping primary and secondary school students to really grasp coding concepts and skills in a fun and engaging way. We also have to encourage more students to pursue careers in computer science and I feel the FUZE is working to achieve this”.