As part of Schools BI’s ongoing drive to streamline data analytics in schools, we announced our new partnership with iSAMS on Socials last week. Schools BI is all about providing education leaders with essential information instantly, in a simple and meaningful format.

The Schools BI dashboards are instantly recognisable due to the simplicity of their structure. We work with our Schools to make sure that they are not blinded by the sheer volume of data presented, but instead can view key information that they can use to positively impact performance, and ultimately successfully improve life and education for their students. We are not limited to a singular system, we can draw information from multiple internal systems and present it all in one place.

Rhys Gwillym, Founder of Schools BI, commented “This new partnership with iSAMS is a crucial part of our strategy to ensure that we can offer our schools the very best service. For us it is all about constantly striving to improve and enhance what we can provide our customers.”

Let’s hear from Rae Percy Jackson, Senior Partner Development Executive at iSAMS, “We’re thrilled to have partnered with Schools BI as we know just how important analytics and data insights are for our schools. We believe that the combination of iSAMS comprehensive data stores and SchoolsBI technology will help our schools to truly understand their data and make effective decisions for the continued development of their institution.”

A bit about iSAMS …

iSAMS supports over 1,300 schools in over 90 countries worldwide with a bespoke selection of critical school systems. Tailored for independent and international schools, the truly integrated solutions help schools to manage every area of school life.

iSAMS offers more than just an MIS, but also an entire suite of solutions for streamlined daily school management:-

– iFinance: A secure financial management solution designed specifically for schools
– Apps: Connect your school community with apps for teachers, parents and students
– Wellbeing: Monitor and manage student wellbeing with a dedicated pastoral module
– Admissions: A streamlined and efficient portal to support your admissions team
– Integrations: Work with third-party vendors to build a system that meets your needs