Smarter Interactive Announces Merger with Exceedia

Smarter Interactive is pleased to announce that as a part of its ongoing growth and positioning as one of the UK’s leading providers of education-specific IT solutions, it is merging with Exceedia with immediate effect.

The Exceedia name has been absorbed by Smarter Interactive and going forward Exceedia and Smarter Interactive will trade as one company under the Smarter Interactive brand name. Smarter Interactive will trade as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prodec Networks Ltd, and will operate in the same way that Exceedia and Smarter Interactive have traded up to now.

What does this mean for existing Exceedia and Smarter Interactive customers?

The merger of Exceedia and Smarter Interactive will extend the company’s capability to provide customers with a single reliable source for all ICT solutions designed for the education sector. Although the Exceedia brand will cease to exist, all current customers will continue to operate as normal as they transition to the Smarter Interactive name, and will continue to receive the same level of service. This includes retaining their previous account managers and support contacts.

Smarter Interactive will continue to be dedicated solely to the education sector. All current Exceedia and Smarter Interactive services will still be available following the merger, and will be reinforced with the experience and resources that Smarter Interactive provides.

“This is a really exciting time for both Exceedia and Smarter Interactive. As schools increasingly utilise collaborative technologies such as interactive screens to achieve their learning outcomes, it’s imperative that the school’s entire ICT infrastructure works seamlessly. The knowledge and expertise that the Smarter Interactive team brings to the company improves our capabilities when creating and supporting AV and ICT systems unique to education.” Danny Williams – Director

About Exceedia

Exceedia is an expert in providing and supporting ICT solutions and hardware for primary schools, secondary schools and further education environments. 

Thanks to extensive experience in the UK education sector, Exceedia provides customers with unrivalled expertise, an intimate understanding of education ICT solutions and how this technology is utilised; both as teaching tools and day-to-day administrative tasks within your school.

From a flexible, pro-active approach to ICT support for schools, to an extensive range of specialist IT and AV  hardware; Exceedia provide advice, support and ICT solutions for primary, secondary and further education.
For more information regarding the Smarter Interactive and Exceedia merger, contact your account manager or call the main office number:

T: 01189 241 420
E: info@smarterinteractive.co.uk