Supporting Safer Internet Day with free resources from NetSupport

With technology and the internet being part of everyday life, online safety is key.

A young person’s online world may consist of social, chat forums, online games, websites and more, all of which can be accessed via laptops, mobile phones and tablets. This makes them incredibly accessible, 24/7, and opens them up to new online risks (grooming, cyberbullying and radicalisation, to sexting and so on), meaning that it’s more important than ever to educate young people about these threats, how to be a good digital citizen and how to keep themselves safe while using the internet.

That’s why NetSupport has released two new resources to help schools, parents and carers keep young people safe online.


New Online Safety Guide

To help schools navigate through the rapidly changing world of online safety, NetSupport has created a free guide for 2023 which helps to highlight the key trends, how they impact students and the best approaches for identifying and supporting vulnerable students.

Download the free Online Safety Guide here.


New Online Safety Panel

NetSupport has also recorded an online safety panel discussion which delves deeper into two key topics:

  1. How do we work ‘together for a better internet’?
  2. How do we protect educators as well as young people?

The panel of experts highlights the latest trends to be aware of, what schools can do to go above and beyond regulations to create a safe online environment, top tips on how to empower students to stay safe and learn good digital citizenship skills – plus much more.

The panel includes:

  • Tom Thelen: Children’s mental health expert, author and motivational speaker.
  • Al Kingsley: CEO of NetSupport, author, Regional Schools Directorate board member for the East of England, and Chair of a large multi-academy trust.
  • Ken Corish: Deputy CEO of South West Grid for Learning, developed 360 degree safe online self-review tool, lead member of the UKCIS team (“Education for a Connected World”), lead on ProjectEVOLVE.
  • Traci Good: Content Writer for ProjectEVOLVE, Founder member of AACOSS.org and the
  • Chief i-venger for the nationally recognised i-vengers online safety programme.
  • Emma Hardy: Communications Director at the Internet Watch Foundation and Director at the UK Safer Internet Centre.
  • Jérôme Nogues: Head of French and Digital Learning at Packwood Prep.

Watch the Online Safety Panel here.


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