Tes launches new product to support International Schools with differentiated learning and inclusion

Education giant Tes have launched ‘Learning Pathways’ a new tool to help every student reach their full potential in an international school setting.

One of the most amazing, but also challenging aspects of international schooling is the range of students each school supports. This, combined with increased demands from parents re their children’s support and outcomes means that schools must look for new ways to deliver more individual learning pathways.


A recent ISC Research report highlighted how international schools are keen to address this. It showed that 57% agree with the statement that whilst some teachers are skilful at differentiation, many are still struggling and only 29% believe that they have an effective means of meeting the needs of highly capable students with 63% wanting more specialist support & services.


The new ‘Learning Pathways’ software enables schools to create individual learning plans where staff across the school community can work together to give students an education that is individually right for them. It also allows much better school to parent communication, meaning parents can engage in their child’s learning pathways in a more connected way. Many schools recognise that if parents are engaged in their child’s learning along with the school, that student outcomes are substantially better.


This system also demonstrates to parents how the school is developing their child on a much more individual basis and how they are investing in individualised learning plans for every child no matter what their needs.


‘Individualisation’ can often make those responsible for running a school think of additional complexity and cost, but this system has been developed with ease and cost effectiveness at its heart. International schools across the globe helped develop the tool, so it is streamlined, easy-to- implement and easy-to-use. A simple dashboard that all staff can access means that student progress, performance and feedback is all in one place. The learning plan templates are super flexible, can be used across a range of areas and can be totally individualised to each student and need.


Having this tool means that student profiles, reports, and any information re special provisions for the student are all in one place: no need for multiple logins on different systems, word documents or excel spreadsheets! Student information is organised, easy to view, secure and of course can be completely integrated with a school’s MIS (Management Information System) so there is no need for any manual updating.


David Williams, Head of Product at Tes said “Having a system that can provide regular updates and open channels of communication between parents and schools is vital to success. An essential part of our Learning Pathways product is how easily both parents, and the students themselves, can contribute to their own tailored learning plan.”


And the product reviews confirm how powerful this tool can be; “The Individual Learning Plans, which are fully customisable, means that students have a sense of ownership over their plan and over their learning. This, in turn, provides a greater sense of motivation and control and we have seen this make a real difference to students”.


Tes ‘Learning Pathways’ is now available for all International Schools across the globe. To find out more click here


To speak to an expert on individualised learning plans or inclusion provision, or for any questions or interview requests please get in touch with:

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To find out more about the ISC Research report cited or any other reports from ISC Research, visit www.iscresearch.com or drop a line to enquiries@iscresearch.com


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