The State of Evidence in EdTech

BESA and EDUCATE Ventures have published their new collaborative research paper “The State of Evidence in EdTech 2023”. 


This report is designed to give an overview of the current EdTech landscape and how evidence is increasingly expected and used to successfully demonstrate efficacy, inform decision making, build trust, evaluate impact, develop better products and build profitable businesses.


We include examples of case studies from companies who are building their evidence base and leveraging it to demonstrate impact. We also look to the future and what might be next for the EdTech industry, how measurable impact evidence will be the new currency of conversation as more regions introduce regulatory frameworks and guidelines and how smart data science can help every company, no matter their size, get the best from their data.


Download the full report


We will be discussing the findings of this report at our webinar on Tuesday 18 April where Morgan Dee (Director of AI & Data Science, EVR) will be joined by EdTech companies from the BESA and EVR communities for a vibrant discussion on how they’ve used evidence to improve their own EdTech offering, and some key hints and tips for EdTech companies looking to do the same. Register now.