The teacher who wants children to spend more time on their phones

Arc Maths, the maths app for secondary school aged pupils, is making maths support more widely available by launching versions of its successful iPad learning tool for use on mobile phones and Chromebooks.

Currently available to families and schools with iPads, the new release will enable a greater number of children to use Arc Maths regularly both at home and in school. Amie Coley, regional lead Practitioner at Ormiston Academies and Assistant Maths Hub Lead for the North Mids said, “ARC Maths is a fantastic retrieval tool that is quick and efficient for teachers to implement into their classrooms. With mobile and Android versions, even more pupils will be able to access this brilliant tool.”

Timed to coincide with BETT, Arc Maths will be showcasing its new products at the education technology exhibition at the ExCeL, London 23rd-25th March. Finalist for Educational App at the BETT awards last year, Arc Maths App is currently shortlisted for the prestigious Secondary Digital Learning Product award this year.

Rachel Dunsmore, former maths teacher and founder of Arc Maths said, “This is an exciting development. We’ve adapted Arc Maths App so that it aligns with how teenagers live their lives. By releasing a version for mobile phones, we are making it as easy as possible for them to access high quality, maths learning opportunities on the one device that they almost always have with them.”

The handwriting recognition used in the interface is a particularly engaging feature of Arc Maths App and makes the app ideally suited to touch screen devices like mobile phones. Children write their answers directly on the screen which means the app is easy and intuitive to use. Even complex algebra and fractions can be entered without the need for a keyboard.

Arc Maths App involves a quick, daily set of 12 questions which are adapted to the needs of each student. Underpinned by research into how memory works, it is designed to build firm foundations so that children achieve their full mathematical potential and become confident mathematicians.

According to one year 10 pupil, “Using the app has made me think faster; I can answer the questions more quickly than when I started using the app. It is a good way of finding out the parts of maths that you have forgotten, don’t know or find hard. Going over things again and again hopefully will make things start to stick.”

The new versions of Arc Maths App will be available for download from 25th March 2022

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