Trial Underway for Evisense, Innovative and Unsurpassed Evidence Capture Software

B Squared



We are pleased to announce that the beta trial is underway for Evisense, our brand new evidence capture tool. Nearly 200 teachers are participating in the trial, with data for over 1,000 pupils already licensed.

Evisense is a revolutionary web-based application that stores and showcases events throughout a child’s time in education. Designed to provide teachers with a simple and straightforward way to capture and store evidence, Evisense provides schools with a vital bank of data that can be used to moderate pupils’ work. Recording progress is easy – teaching staff can capture key events via photos, videos, documents and audio files. These events can then be annotated and linked to curriculum areas and assessment points.

Evisense isn’t just designed to capture evidence of progress, we have also incorporated communication as a key feature. Teaching staff can easily and quickly share recorded evidence with parents, giving them a clear insight into their child’s progress, helping to increase parental involvement in their children’s education.

At B Squared we understand that the IT infrastructure within schools varies greatly. We have therefore ensured that Evisense can be accessed via a number of platforms – teaching staff can record progress via Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire apps as well as via a web browser. Security and safeguarding are also key features for any software adopted by schools, and we have ensured Evisense offers unsurpassed safety features, including encryption of all media files and immediate media removal from mobile devices on successful upload.

According to Dale Pickles, Director of B Squared, “We are incredibly proud to be adding Evisense to our portfolio. Our trial will give schools the opportunity to see the power of this unique product. We hope Evisense will not only transform the way schools record and share evidence, it will also revolutionise how they communicate with parents. Evisense brings it all together in one package.”

The development of Evisense follows over 20 years’ experience of providing market-leading assessments to schools. Our Connecting Steps software is capable of detecting even the smallest of improvements and over 3,000 schools trust our assessments to track pupil progress. Our comprehensive assessments encompass: EYFS, P Scales P1(i) to P8, all National Curriculum subjects at Key Stages 1 and 2, the Welsh Foundation Phase and Curriculum for Wales Key Stage 2 assessments for English and Mathematics.