The Magic Wand of fate continues to wave and create new partnerships and memberships to help share the good message of teacher support in education. By joining forces with established education bodies, Wand can reach more Schools and Academies to help deliver the magical message of the time-saving platform.


The Wand team are delighted to become a Launchpad Company with BESA, the British Educational Suppliers Association, to help serve and support the Education Sector. The Launchpad is designed for Wand to benefit from the training and research opportunities offered by BESA before we are eligible to apply for our full flagship membership benefits.

BESA, the trade association for the UK’s world-leading educational suppliers, represents and works with the entirety of the UK education suppliers’ sector to drive up standards of education across the globe.

Be becoming a member; Wand can benefit from industry insights and exclusive research reports while enjoying access to top-quality seminars and networking events.  The key for the Wand team is about meeting with educational professionals to discuss and present the platform to a wider audience.  By learning what Teachers and Academics need, the Wand platform will look to provide.

Code of Practice

This Code of Practice is a mandatory membership commitment given by members to BESA. Each member is expected, as a condition of Membership, to meet the ethical standards provided for in this Code of Practice in that Member’s relationship with the Member’s customers.  Wand Education will, therefore, abide by these promises to our customers:

  • We will seek to achieve the highest standards and will offer our products, advice and services honestly and honourably in a fair and transparent manner.
  • We shall behave in a professional manner and will respect the reputation of our sector and the other organisations with which we liaise.
  • Our products are safe and suitable for educational use. We will endeavour to maintain and improve the quality of our work and meet or exceed minimum published Standards – both within the UK and in relevant international markets – for all our products and services, where these exist.

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