WCBS is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Bilboe as Chief Executive Officer.


Stephen has worked for WCBS as Sales and Marketing Director for almost 3 years. His appointment as CEO is a reflection of the company’s current direction: putting our customers first, taking the road less travelled and investing heavily in our service offering and product set. This will deliver next generation, cloud native solutions that provide a more secure, 10x better user experience for our schools.

Schools have been underserved by many EdTech companies for too long, and now even more so as these companies invest in the state sector and move their focus away from Independent Schools. WCBS stands firm, as one of the only companies in our industry that is solely dedicated to fee paying schools.

WCBS’ owners are continuing to invest heavily to achieve this mission, to give Independent Schools the intuitive and beautiful technology they have been lacking, in order to deliver better outcomes to their students, and they, along with the entire WCBS team, know that Stephen will bring this to fruition.

Stephen says:
“I am excited to lead WCBS forward at this exciting juncture in their history. We are committed to delivering better outcomes for students by providing best of breed solutions that make teachers’, admin staff and parents’ lives easier.
With no other company investing in this next generation technology, and instead building on top of legacy platforms or selling out and changing focus to the state sector, we have been provided the perfect opportunity to bring the disruption and innovation we have seen in consumer finance by the like of Monzo, Starling, Revolut and Freetrade to the Independent and International School sector.”

This disruption and innovation can already be seen in our MIS offering, HUBmis, and will soon be followed with huge updates to Admissions in January and the launch of HUBincome in September 2022.

Find out more at www.wcbs.co.uk.