White Rose Maths Home Learning will help parents and carers continue maths lessons at home

In response to the Prime Minister’s announcement on Wednesday evening that schools must now close indefinitely, school-based educational specialist White Rose Maths has released a series of free maths lessons to help parents and carers support children’s learning at home. 

Founded and developed within the Trinity Multi Academy Trust, White Rose Maths grew out of the national Maths Hub programme. The organisation focuses on showing the world that every child can do maths and love maths, too! The majority of primary schools and a growing number of secondary schools across the country now follow the White Rose Maths curriculum.

With last week’s growing threat of school closure, White Rose Maths made an early start on creating free, downloadable lessons for home learning. Following the announcement, these materials were quickly released on their website on Wednesday night, and within 12 hours, more than 40,000 parents and teachers had accessed them.

Caroline Hamilton, Head of White Rose Maths said, “Much of our work involves creating free materials for schools, designed to help children to enjoy and love maths by really understanding what it’s all about. Now, as we face unprecedented disruption to school education, we’re eager to do all we can to support local and national efforts to keep children learning and progressing at home. With our extensive maths teaching and authoring skills, we’ll continue to produce easy-to-access, downloadable content for parents, carers and children to use at home in the weeks and months ahead.”

The new resources available so far comprise a series of maths lessons for each year group from Years 1-8. Every lesson comes with a short video showing parents and carers clearly and simply how to help their child to complete each activity successfully. These free lessons are all available on the White Rose

Maths website at www.whiterosemaths.com/homelearning along with instructions on how to access and use the right material for each year group.

White Rose Maths believes that it’s important for children to continue a daily learning routine, so they’d like as many children as possible to have a go at just one short White Rose Maths session each day. In addition, the White Rose Maths Team will be online each weekday between 10.00 and 11.00am, giving daily opportunities for children to show and share their work, questions and ideas via any of the White Rose Maths social media channels.

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Notes for the Editor:

White Rose Mathswww.whiterosemaths.com

White Rose Maths is an external initiative of the Trinity Multi-Academy Trust. A group of teachers and mathematicians dedicated to developing and improving maths education, and inspiring everyone to love maths as much as we do.

Our team of highly experienced and passionate maths teaching experts train, guide, help and support all those who want to make change happen in their schools.

We offer schools in-depth training programmes, a vast bank of clear, practical resources (many of them available free of charge), and the bespoke support needed to keep raising the bar. We aim to make teachers’ jobs a whole lot simpler, while helping them change the future for every child.

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