Zenergi’s Practical Procurement Webinar: Is Your School Ready For The 2025 Phoneline Switch Off?

September 15, 2022 – 11:00am

In November 2017, the announcement that ISDN / PSTN Telephony would be switched off in 2025 seemed like an ambitious target. Fast forward five years and the process is well underway, with a “stop sell” announced at hundreds of exchanges and scheduled for hundreds more in the near future. The deadline of 2025 is coming ever closer.


Join our webinar with Zenergi Account Manager Ashley Williams and industry expert Liam Bonthron, Head of DB Comms at DB Group, who will help you understand how to prepare for the change. In our informative webinar, we will discuss the key points to be aware of and cover recommended next steps, as well as allowing time for any questions you may have.


The webinar will cover:

  • What is the ISDN Switch Off?
  • How will this affect Phone System Services?
  • How will this affect Broadband Services?
  • How will this affect associated products, namely, alarms, lifts, door entry and franking?
  • ISDN Switch Off Timeline What does the stop sell mean?

This session will equip you with everything you need to know about how to get prepared for this historic change to telecoms services while ensuring minimal impact to your school.

To attend or to receive a recorded link, register here.