BSNG members create and/or supply materials that enhance and support the education of learners of all ages and abilities whose lives and education, in their broadest sense, need extra or specific support.

The group represents suppliers and/or manufacturers from all sectors of the education market supplying products and services that are designed, or are used, to help those who need additional learning support of whatever nature, whether physical, mental, or a combination of both, into schools and other educational institutions, large and small. The range of products and services offered by member companies caters for all ages and abilities, and includes the gifted and talented.

The companies that form BSNG range from large corporations to small organisations often set up and run by teachers, advisers or parents who have been involved in the process of delivering learning to individuals or groups of children, students and young adults with learning difficulties.

Who are BSNG members?

CapitaHachette Children’s GroupPhonic Books Ltd
Charanga LtdJelly James Publishing (Dynamo Maths)Plum Innovations
Churchfield Education ProductsJessica Kingsley PublishersReal Group Ltd
Classroom SecretsKinteract (Make it Plain Ltd)Speech Link Multimedia Ltd
Crossbow Education LtdLearning Resources LtdTexthelp Ltd
Dolphin Computer Access LtdLondon Grid for Learning (LGfL)TTS Group Ltd
Earwig AcademicOne for Fun Ltd (Kit for Kids)Twin Science (Arikovani UK Limited)
Findel Education (International)Oxford University Press (OUP)Twoey Education
GL AssessmentPearsonWhite Space (Wordshark) Ltd


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19 October, approximately 11:00-13:00