This group meets between 3-4 times a year to discuss curriculum policy issues related to the UK domestic curriculum and international curriculums.

The group format is agnostic and providers of all types of curriculum products, print, hands-on and digital are welcome to attend. 

The group will discuss areas of opportunity and concern, and support BESA’s lobbying and campaigning activity by informing the secretariat of the current issues impacting on commercial curriculum providers.

Who are Curriculum SIG members?

2Simple Software Plum Innovations
Britannica Digital Learning SAM Learning Ltd
Charanga Ltd 3P Learning Ltd
ClickView Ark Curriculum Plus (Mathematics Mastery)
Crick Software Ltd Brownbread Group Ltd T/A Gluu
Get My Grades Classroom Secrets
LDA Developing Experts
New Era Education Ltd Cornerstones Education Limited
Oriel Square Limited Dimensions Curriculum
Pearson Discovery Education
Earwig Academic ESPO
GCSEPod (Soundbite Learning) Lexonik by Sound Training
Harper Collins Publishers Hodder Education
Fieldwork Education Findel Education (International)
Oxford University Press (OUP) Renaissance Learning UK Ltd
Scholastic Ltd Schoolzone
Start-Bee Handwriting (Harwood Education) The Copyright Licensing Agency
TTS Group Ltd YPO