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CIL is an international management consultancy, with offices in the UK, Europe and the US. We help businesses grow, build value and invest wisely. We are rigorous in our approach, confident in our conclusions and expert at what we do.

Our Education & Training Practice helps providers and investors navigate the dynamic education and training market, identifying strategies for growth and improving their competitive advantage.

We have a strong track record of advising across a broad range of education sub-sectors, including nurseries and schools, including special educational needs, through to further and higher education.

We support clients in a number of areas including:

1. Market and funding: sizing market opportunities, evaluating underlying market dynamics and assessing funding environments.
2. Procurement and decision making: helping clients understand the increasing professionalisation of B2B procurement across education markets.
3. Customer and learner insights: gathering independent feedback from customers and learners.
4. Technology utilisation: helping clients combine the best of traditional service delivery with the latest technology.
5. Growth opportunities: supporting clients in the research, analysis and prioritisation of growth opportunities.
6. M&A strategy: identifying and qualifying targets, assessing the rationale for acquisition and identifying strategies for successful integration.

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