Curriculum experts specialising in systemic analysis, leadership coaching, training and transformational support systems.

We work with education leaders to transform the life chances of every child by building the most efficient, effective and ethical systems and curriculum provision possible.

SMARTcurriculum® Methodology leads the narrative in school delivery reform, transforming the application of integrated curriculum financial planning and school curriculum decision making. Our online curriculum analysis software, the SMARTcurriculum® App, is sold through CJ Learning Technologies.

CJ Learning has four inter-related product streams focused on curriculum strategy and implementation: curriculum review and analysis; leadership coaching; training programmes; and timetable scheduling.

“This level of expertise is not easily found in the sector. I recommend Chris and his team every time.” MAT CEO, System Leader

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SMARTcurriculum in a Norfolk Secondary School - Case Study

SMARTcurriculum Case Study: Secondary School School: Old Buckenham High School, Norfolk – Headteacher Mr Andrew Fell Trust: Sapientia Education Trust – Chief Executive Jonathan Taylor   Introduction It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. This can certainly be said of our case. Like many schools, the mechanics of our timetabling sat … Continued

SMARTcurriculum across a Multi-Academy Trust

The fundamentals of education LEARN MORE ABOUT ACADEMY FINANCES Former National Schools Commissioner and longstanding educational innovator, Frank Green, explores how integrated curriculum financial planning and SMARTCurriculum helps to deliver the fundamentals of education. As many people will know, I am no stranger to innovation. From the outset, setting up the Leigh Academy, originally rebuilt … Continued

Open letter to Schools Minister expounding the merits of schools using SMARTcurriculum

Dear Lord Agnew,   I read, with great interest, your comments in last November’s TES about school finance. It is certainly true that a great deal can be done to improve the way schools manage contracts and procure services. Thank you for the work you have been doing.   I believe the most significant work … Continued