ClickView engages students and empowers teachers with the world’s best educational video content. We are trusted by over 3800 schools and colleges, to create deeper understanding through video.

We put relevant, educational content at your fingertips; visually stunning curriculum mapped content, contextual on-demand TV and your schools own video library, all matched with powerful formative assessment tools. 

  • Bring learning to life with thousands of high quality, curriculum mapped videos across all subjects. Each video is produced specifically for teaching, learning, homework and revision; packed full of relevant educational content to ensure world class learning. 
  • Bring real world context and relevance to lessons and learning with broadcast TV from 24 Freeview and 8 European satellite channels, including documentaries, news and feature films; all ad free. This helps create deep understanding not just remembering facts. 
  • Create and manage your own video library and harness the power of the ClickView platform to add further depth and context to your content.
  • Any video within the ClickView ecosystem can transform into an active learning experience, by overlaying a set of questions and annotations onto the video timeline for students to answer

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Why we need to keep talking about sex education 

As schools’ transition to the new RSE curriculum, ClickView puts spotlight on Relationships & Sex education, with the launch of Respectful Relationships series   Recently grabbing headlines, the role...