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CLA are the recognised UK copyright licensing body for text and images from book, journal and magazine content. 

Our mission is to help teachers legally access, copy and share the published content that they need, while making sure that copyright owners are paid royalties for the use of their work. 

Our new Education Platform is an online service that gives teachers access to digital versions of books that the school owns so they can make high quality, copyright-compliant copies of up to 5% of each book to print, or share direct to a student device. 

The Platform is available to all UK schools that are covered by the CLA Education Licence and comes as standard so there is no additional cost to individual schools.

Most of the leading and specialist educational publishers have supplied high-quality copies of their books in digital form, so there are 1,000s of popular books available for teachers to unlock and use.

By registering to use the Platform, schools can give teachers the flexibility to work smarter and save time on planning, preparing and delivering lessons to students.

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