We believe EVERY child has the right to develop a positive relationship with physical activity for life. Our simple teaching and learning framework outlines the essential teaching habits required to develop positive behaviours, skills and knowledge in your pupils.

Our solutions include:

real PE: Supporting primary schools to transform PE experiences for EVERY child, teacher and family. Our unique, child centred approach, helps support EVERY child to develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life.
• Inspired through training
• Equipped with real PE membership
• Confident through support
Visit: realPE.co.uk

BURSTS: Transforming EVERY child’s physical literacy and progress in Physical Education by bridging the gap between school and home. The PE app, purchased by schools, gives families the confidence to enjoy playing and being active together. With BURSTS we can increase children’s active learning minutes outside of school, accelerate the development of their physical literacy and support the development of positive learning behaviours.
Visit: burstsapp.co.uk

The Development Wheel: An online profiling tool that accelerates learning and development. It provides users with a visual record of every step of their learning journey, allowing them to take ownership of their progress, evidence their impact, and identify the next steps to meet their goals.
Visit: thedevelopmentwheel.co.uk

Own Brands

  • real PE, BURSTS, The Development Wheel

Supplier Brands

Early Years

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