John Baker founded D2L in 1999, at the age of twenty-two while a Systems Design Engineering student. When challenged to consider the most important problem that, if solved, could have the biggest impact on the world, John developed a vision for technology that enables better learning for a brighter future. His vision from the beginning is to give teachers and learners the freedom to teach, learn, develop, and grow with the world and for the impact of this learning to ripple through families and communities. This is the vision that drives every employee at D2L every day. 


Building solutions for educational challenges is in our DNA. For more than 20 years we have consistently demonstrated our ability to deliver next generation learning tools in a way that is manageable, efficient and effective for teachers. 


COVID-19 is accelerating the future of learning. Offering online learning is no longer an option, but rather is an expectation and it needs to be accessible and equitable with a new approach to assessments.


Brightspace is D2L’s learning platform for schools and it is designed from the ground up, with teachers, because we care deeply about ensuring that all students reach their potential.  


The better, faster, smarter way to build engaging learning experiences that students and teachers love is with Brightspace, D2L’s Learning Management System (LMS).

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