EdShed is an education company that makes high quality curriculum and technology resources for primary schools. We serve 24k customer schools and, including free products, almost 20m learners in over 150 countries.

Our products include Phonics Shed, Spelling Shed, MathShed, QuizShed and Literacy Shed Plus.

Phonics Shed is a fully resourced, DfE validated, systematic synthetic phonics teaching scheme that follows a narrative base.

Spelling Shed is a game and complete teaching scheme for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Our spelling game includes phonics tools and games as well as assessments. Our Spelling Shed app has been #1 in the AppStore for 22 countries.

MathShed provides a complete teaching resource for primary mathematics. Our teaching slides follow an episodic, mastery approach and are backed up by online quizzes (which can be exported as printable worksheets) and assessments. Our app also gives fun and fast practice of key arithmetic skills like times tables and number bonds.

QuizShed is a free to use quiz platform with over 50k question sets. Create your own quizzes or use existing ones for assessment, consolidation or learning.

Literacy Shed Plus is the home of VIPERS® and a wealth of other teaching resources for reading and writing.

Own Brands

  • Spelling Shed, MathShed, Phonics Shed, QuizShed

Supplier Brands

  • Literacy Shed

Early Years

  • Yes