Ei Square® is a boutique consultancy assisting organisations to be
mature in their digital, data, process and application journey.

We specialise in delivering a comprehensive suite of data
integration, analytics, and performance-related services, including
Big Data solutions. Our offerings are meticulously tailored to
enhance your reporting capabilities, leveraging business intelligence,
insights, and performance metrics tailored precisely to your
company’s unique requirements.

But what truly sets us apart is our approach. We don’t just solve data
problems; we improve your entire operation. We bridge the gap
between your business goals and the technical realities, ensuring
that your data works for you.

Data holds immense power, but only if you can unlock it. Founded on the principle of data literacy for all, our goal is to help organisations and industries climb the data maturity ladder:

We’re more than just data analysts—we’re catalysts of change. At Ei Square, we view it as both a social and corporate responsibility to empower industries towards data maturity and awareness. In line with these values, our solutions are grounded in simplicity, personalisation, and scalability. We believe in clear communication, tailored experiences, and future-proof solutions. By staying true to these principles, we empower organisations to navigate the complexities of data management with authenticity and effectiveness, ultimately driving their success.

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