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Are you fighting with your tracking system to get to the information you need? Say no to meaningless measures and tailor your assessment to your curriculum.

Insight is customisable from the ground up. Define your own objectives, as well as your terminology for formative and summative assessment, whether you’re using a point-in-time approach or coverage based assessments. Assessing Maths through NFER tests, Reading using Book Bands and Writing via your own system of steps? We can support you.

Our handful of reports give you the data you need without the fuss. Everything’s online and in one place – from your statutory and ongoing teacher assessments, to your standardised tests and formative data. We’re proud to be included in the examples of what works in schools in the recent guidance on ‘Data management: reducing teacher workload’ (read the full research report).

We care deeply about support. Access to our helpdesk is at no extra charge (including help to add objectives, customise your account and import historical data).

Don’t take our word for it. Watch a full demo here, check out our testimonials, then take advantage of the free trial.


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