EvidenceB uses cognitive science and artificial intelligence to provide adaptive learning content and applications for K-12 educational publishers, digital platforms and content providers.
Our engaging learning experiences identify and unlock core knowledge and develop understanding of abstract concepts. EvidenceB adaptive learning technology is based on a solid foundation of research across two fields: cognitive science and artificial intelligence. Our research broadens the understanding we have of knowledge acquisition and allow us to pinpoint any mental blocks or learning gaps students may have. We are targeting partnerships with educational publishers and content providers, seeking to heighten client experience of their catalogues with supplemental AI-based adaptive learning modules. Our ‘digital assistant’ modules are tailor-made AI modules built to integrate into existing platforms, and are designed to provide enhanced support for teachers through data, analysis and clustering.

Own Brands

  • Adaptiv' Maths

Supplier Brands

  • Adaptiv' Langue

Early Years

  • No