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Evidence Based Education (EBE) is a teacher training organisation and consultancy delivering world-leading, engaging and innovative school improvement services.
Specialising in using technology, our expertise and the best available evidence, our mission is to lead the world in evidence-based professional learning and improve learner outcomes for good.
We do this through our award-winning online training courses: Assessment Essentials & The Assessment Lead Programme. Both programmes have been used in schools and colleges around the world to improve assessment practice. Quality assessment practice is a tool for learning. From more reliable assessment information can come better decisions, more refined judgements, and better outcomes.
As part of our services, we also provide cost-effective, sustainable training for your whole staff on CEM assessments (e.g. InCAS, MidYIS and ALIS) and their data.
Enjoy cost-effective, responsive and flexible training through our blended support packages; have us deliver an in-school training session; or come to our workshops, to harness the full power of the data.
Furthermore, our Research, Development and Evaluation Unit create and deliver bespoke training programmes for individual schools, alliances and groups, which provide the knowledge, skills and tools to use research evidence and evaluation techniques to make better-informed decisions.
We are changing the face of teacher development and changing the way decisions are made in education.

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