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HME Technology Ltd

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HME Technology Limited are turnkey designers, installers, manufacturers, suppliers and Health & Safety consultants of products for schools, colleges and universities worldwide, as well as providing ‘Local Exhaust Ventilation’ testing and machine conformity inspection services.

With over 30 years experience in the sector, our products cover curriculum subjects in Design & Technology, Engineering, Carpentry and Vocational Training. Product ranges include: ♦ Heat Treatment Machinery: including brazing hearth, alumina chip forges, casting furnaces, welding tables and equipment, combination brazing hearths / chip forges / welding table, and low temperature pewter casting machines. ♦ Finishing Machinery: including bandfacers/linishers, polishers, and grinders. ♦ Wood Work Machinery: including wood lathes, bandsaws, circular saws, planers, thicknessers, fretsaws, sanders, drills, chop saws, and CNC routers / engravers. ♦ Metal Work Machinery: including metal lathes (CNC and manual), milling machines (CNC and manual), drills, guillotines, and sheet folding equipment. ♦ Extraction Systems: including bespoke fume and dust extraction routes, individual dust extraction units designed for specific purpose, and LEV testing services to ensure all extraction systems remain safe and fully functional.♦ CNC Equipment: including routers, millers, engravers, vinyl cutters, laser cutters, and 3D printers (large format and desktop). ♦ Plastic Equipment: including vacuum formers, line benders, strip heaters, hot wire cutters, fluidisers, profile routers, and dome blowers. ♦ Pottery and Jewellery Equipment: including kilns, pugmills, pottery wheels, storage solutions, and spray booths. ♦ And many more products included in an ever increasing catalogue of available products – please look online at for a full listing of available equipment. visit for product data and type HME Technology Ltd for the range of related videos for schools. For Primary schools visit 



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  • UNION and Kre8 maker kits, Wabeco CNC/Manuel lathe and milling,

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  • Meddings, C R Clarke,

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