Hodder Education supports school and college markets, providing a wide range of market-focused innovative print and digital services tailored to both UK and International markets.

It is one of the largest education publishers in the UK, and provides materials supporting the curriculum in almost every subject area and at every level, together with assessment resources and training services for teachers. Dynamic Learning is the online platform which makes lesson planning and delivery easy for teachers. Since the beginning of 2015 Hodder Education expanded to include Rising Stars, primary publishers with particular strengths in Reading, English, Maths, Science, and Computing, as well as a range of other curriculum subjects. RS Assessment from Hodder Education provide standardised assessment to monitor progress, profile Special Educational Needs and baseline. We sell our textbooks, e-textbooks and digital services to over 140 countries worldwide.

Own Brands

  • RS Assessment from Hodder Education, Rising Stars, Hodder Education, Galore Park, Hodder Gibson

Supplier Brands

  • Hodder Education

Early Years

  • No