InVentry are committed to providing the market leading, cutting-edge technology that helps schools run safer, faster and more efficiently. InVentry can help you know who’s onsite at any given time: guaranteeing the safeguarding of staff, students, visitors, contractors and more!

Trusted by over 8,000 schools, InVentry is packed full of features! Have the ability to pre-book visitors for school events, manage all DBS checks in one location, and even sign in late staff members and students.With the use of the InVentry Anywhere App you’ll also be able to access complete registers and manage large-scale evacuations, ensuring maximum safety at all times.

InVentry provides Schools with the software they need to improve the safeguarding of pupils and staff and offers a cost-effective solution to help organisations improve all processes and procedures. Using the InVentry visitor management system completely removes the need for paper-based visitor books that can lead to inaccuracies, delays and data protection concerns.

InVentry speeds up the signing in process, keeps identity information secure, and leaves schools feeling confident that their students are safe.

Own Brands

  • InVentry
  • ClassMark Cloud
  • ClubReg Cloud
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Space Bookings
  • Checkpoint

Supplier Brands

  • Paxton
  • SIMS
  • Progresso & CMIS
  • Scholar Pack
  • Bromcom
  • iSAMS
  • RM Integris
  • Pupil Asset
  • Arbor
  • Engage
  • Schoolpod
  • SchoolBase
  • WCBS
  • Groupcall
  • SEEMiS

Early Years

  • No