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At KAZ Type, we believe in today’s IT led world, equipping both mainstream and neurodivergent students with the fundamental but invaluable ‘life skill’ of touch typing is essential, as it gives them a huge advantage, preparing them for further education, the workplace and life.

KAZ have been successfully serving the educational sector for the past 20 years, providing educational establishments worldwide with our award winning, inclusive typing software.

Our mainstream and SEN/Dyslexia typing tutor is suitable for students aged 6+ and uses a unique and proven ‘accelerated learning’ teaching method. Incorporating both ‘muscle memory’ and ‘brain balance’, it engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall – which is why it is so effective.

To cater for all students and to allow the whole class to learn together, our inclusive program offers a choice between our mainstream and our SEN/Dyslexia edition, developed with advice and guidance from the Dyslexia Research Trust.

Incorporating a multi-sensory approach throughout, this edition teaches typing skills whilst minimising visual disturbances by means of a unique ‘Preference Screen’ – tailor making for maximum visibility comfort. It is suitable for individuals with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD, Tourette’s, amongst others.

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Taylor’s International School demonstrates KAZ’s typing software in the ‘live classroom’ at Bett Asia

Whilst demonstrating KAZ’s Neurodiverse Typing Tutor in a ‘live classroom’ at BETT Malaysia 2017, Mr. Iain Stevens, Head of Curriculum Support at Taylor’s International School. KL. said, “The product does exactly what it says on the box”.

Dublin Oak Academy

Dublin Oak Academy is an international boarding school educating boys from the age of 12 to 16. There are just over 100 students in the school, mostly from Spanish speaking countries including: Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Spain and Spanish-speaking parts of the USA. They are working towards the Irish Junior Certificate.

ESMS School

KAZ stands apart from other touch typing programs.

KAZ shortlisted for the Teach Secondary Awards 2019

Designed to highlight and celebrate the very best resources available for secondary schools, the awards comprise seven categories, with winners...