Leadership Matters (LM) is a unique CPD platform through which online professional learning and development is delivered to over 22,000 teachers and 2,000 schools across the UK and over six continents. 

The essence of the Leadership Matters programme is that each leader is guided on their own LM Pathway, based on their own characteristics and those of the school. The unique approach allows leaders at all levels, from those aspiring to middle leadership, right through to those in executive roles, to take evidence-based content and personalised diagnostics and apply them to suit their context.

Leadership Matters has been created with every member of school staff in mind. Leadership is not a rank but exists at all levels, which is why the range of topics and challenges covered is vast and applicable to all. A whole-school subscription, starting at only £195, allows an unlimited number of users to access and engage with the platform, supporting leadership progression for the benefit of the individual and their schools.

The whole Leadership Matters approach provides a blend of teaching, mentoring, coaching, personal reflection peer-learning and goal setting, all of which contribute to an empowering and positive feeling for staff of being stretched, supported, challenged and above all developing their leadership abilities.

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