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Learning SPACE (Specialised Products Aiding Child Education) is an award winning educational advisory and resource company striving to meet the needs of children with special educational needs and those who need additional support. 

We do this by making resources and supporting information easily accessible to parents and professionals to provide children with the support they need. We also provide training and information days to provide beneficial strategies, promote inclusion and increase awareness and understanding in our society of additional needs.

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We are more than a toy store as our staff who all have a background in child education or experience with special educational needs. The team are geared up to be able to advise parents and educators on how to support their child/pupil.

Our Products:

We have a huge product range of over 3000 products that have been chosen to ensure we can empower, support and educate children of ALL abilities by focusing on their individual needs. Each product we supply has been tested against the high standards of our expert team, including an experienced primary school teacher, qualified social worker and parents. We are constantly liaising with therapists, teachers, parents and of course kids in ensuring we are providing the most suitable resources. 

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