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Lexonik is the innovative literacy programme used by schools and colleges in the United States, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Lexonik provides strategies to help teachers and students achieve higher results and maximise potential, for students from age 9 to adulthood. Northumbria University research confirmed that we raised reading ages by 27 months in just six weeks. We provide highly specialised training for your teaching staff, allowing you to practise the Lexonik methodology in your own setting.

This is a disciplined programme, using face to face teaching, for a total of 6 hours tuition. Lexonik is used by schools both to target specific groups of students, as well as being key to the implementation of whole school literacy, raising attainment for all. The programme is unique and makes dramatic improvements in comprehension, decoding skills, spelling and vocabulary development.

Find out more about how we address the word gap and how we can raise attainment levels in your school.

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