LinkyThinks is all about empowering future-ready children through the attainment of critical, human-centric life skills ALONGSIDE curriculum topics.

LinkyThinks was created by award-winning artist, neuroscientist and educator Alexander Rosenberg as a concept in 2013, when trying to formulate teaching methods & resources that actually TAUGHT rather than just TESTING children.

Over time, Alexander devised ways of supporting his own tutoring pupils to move through their school journeys with improved language, emotional, social & critical literacy skills by combining his expertise in visual arts, neuroscience research & English-language education – Linking Different Ways of Thinking!

In 2021 AlexanderÔÇÖs brothers, Dan & Oliver joined LinkyThinks to take the company vision to the next level – all three being motivated by the importance of meaningful, impactful education since an early age.

The LinkyThinks Team has worked with over 2,000 schools, tens of thousands of teachers and countless children all over the English-speaking world to give them the skills needed to succeed beyond the classroom.

In 2024 LinkyThinks launched their first ever Edtech product – Downloadables┬« – a digital learning platform for teachers & parents to access highly creative learning resources that not only support their pupils/children with attainment of highly transferable skills such as critical thinking, empathy & social literacy, but restoring teachers’ creative autonomy at the same time.

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