Established in 2010, LSECT is a publishing and events company exclusively for education.

We publish two weekly digital newspapers, FE Week and Schools Week, and hold a range of training events, with our largest being the Annual Apprenticeship Conference. Our jobs board, Education Week Jobs, is the recruitment platform for both publications.

Schools Week

Established in 2014, Schools Week is a weekly digital newspaper and a primary source of news for thousands of professionals working across the schools and education sector. The newspaper prides itself on being the first to report on the news that matters and provides investigative and in-depth news articles. Readers know that Schools Week will ask the tough questions, find the debatable point, tell the difficult truth and always put schools first.

Schools Week is on a steep upward trajectory, now receiving an average of 1.25 million monthly page views (up from 550,000 in 2019). Our digital edition engages with 17,500+ readers on a weekly basis, and is read by a highly influential and aspirational demographic from across the schools sector in England.

For more information visit: schoolsweek.co.uk

To advertise with Schools Week, please contact us on 0208 1234 778 or email advertising@schoolsweek.co.uk for more information.

FE Week

Established in September 2011, FE Week is the only newspaper dedicated to the further education and skills sector. It is always first to report on the news that matters and it has become part of the sector’s daily routine — whether that be checking feweek.co.uk for the latest breaking news stories or reading through the digital edition on a Friday morning.

The FE Week website receives an average of 650,000 monthly pages views (up from 415,000 in 2019), and the digital edition is read by 12,500 sector professionals on a weekly basis. The majority of our readers are college principals, independent learning provider managing directors, aspiring and senior education managers, MPs, policy advisers, government officials, and other key stakeholders across the UK.

For more information visit: feweek.co.uk

To advertise with FE Week, please contact us on 020 81234 778 or email advertising@feweek.co.uk for more information.

Education Week Jobs

Education Week Jobs is a recruitment platform using effective digital solutions to fill vacancies in schools, colleges and education. Brought to you by Schools Week and FE Week, Education Week Jobs is the jobs board of two leading and influential digital newspapers serving the schools, further education and skills sectors. Our specialist readerships mean that your job adverts will be seen by the decision-makers in the world of education.

Education Week Jobs is a platform that advertises job vacancies in an effective and user-friendly approach. By linking the editorial websites to the jobs board, our audience is directly presented with the opportunity to look out for and plan their next step.

With prices starting at £150 per vacancy and a dedicated account manager on hand to assist with your campaign, Education Week Jobs is here to make your recruitment process that bit easier.

For more information visit: educationweekjobs.co.uk

Annual Apprenticeship Conference

Launched in March 2015 in partnership with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the AAC is the largest apprenticeship conference in the country. Bringing together apprenticeship providers, employers, government and stakeholders this national conference is not to be missed. The conference has grown from 500 attendees in 2015 to 1200 in 2023.

For more information on the upcoming AAC visit: https://feweekaac.com/

Festival of Education

Founded by Wellington College in 2010, the Festival of Education, one of the UK’s most exciting and inspiring education events brings educators from the UK and beyond for two days of invaluable CPD, discussions and networking.

For more information visit: https://educationfest.co.uk/

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