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Senso is the Cloud Based Platform for Device Monitoring and Management. Modular by design and tailored to suit your requirements, Senso is transforming the way you can manage your devices and users, whether that’s teaching, supporting, monitoring, controlling or just getting more done.

Designed for Education, the Senso platform can be securely accessed anywhere. The Senso ethos is simple, design a platform that makes user and device management flexible, quick, and easy. With 20 years of experience behind them, Senso has been created to answer the issues that face our users in today’s ever changing IT landscape. Wherever those devices or users are located we give you the controls you need for Classroom, Network, Safeguarding and Asset management.

The granular access controls mean your users can get to the tools they need and have access to their data quicker than ever before. Each login will deliver the access level and permissions granted by the system admins keeping things clean, relevant, and secure.

Whether that’s a teacher, network manager, technician or safeguarding and wellbeing officer, we’ve got the access and controls to keep things sharp and simple.

With over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, Maitek Solutions are a trusted Senso partner and deliver expert sales, support, and training services across the Education sector.

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  • Senso Class Cloud, Senso Network Cloud, Senso Safeguard Cloud, Senso Filter Cloud, Senso Asset Cloud, Senso for Microsoft Teams

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