MOE is the abbreviation for The Woodland Ministry of Outdoor Education, focused-on creating natural, calming learning spaces for children to gain a connection with their development through curiosity, through bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in.

We sell EYFS and primary educational equipment while educating our customers how to recycle items after use, we promote the use of eco friendly equipment through rewards called leaf credits.

All our equipment is scoured through family run businesses that have a passion for not creating norm, that strive to make their equipment spark the imagination of all children and inclusive to all.

We believe ‘to be proud of what you teach, you need to be proud of how you teach it’. Studies have shown the positive impact on both the learners and teachers by using material naturals, creating a greater connection with what is being learnt and taught.

Own Brands

Supplier Brands

  • Mill House, Commotion, Touch of Create, Heart of the imagination, Green Earth Leaning, The puppet company, Just Jigsaws, early years outdoors, Fufunia

Early Years

  • Yes