Moki is a smart wristband and software platform that allows schools to accurately measure the physical activity levels of their students. What’s more Moki provides teachers with a unique new way to engage pupils in an active curriculum as well as better understand the impact of certain initiative and activities. Challenges can be set within classrooms, between classes in the same school or between schools in different countries, giving pupils and teachers a fun and engaging way of encouraging physical activity and developing an understanding of the lifestyle benefits of being active each day for physical and mental health.

Moki provides each child with an individual view of the activity data through the school day. This data can be used across the curriculum, as a dataset for maths and a basis for geography lessons.

Moki has been developed to not interrupt the school day but to compliment the teaching staff and their efforts to support a healthy student population.

By pooling anonymous activity data from schools around the world Moki has the potential to provide unprecedented insights into children’s physical activity. This information can directly support the ongoing efforts of research teams, charities, NGO’s and Government departments looking to analyse or address issues related to children’s physical activity, health and well-being.

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