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My Learning (UK) Ltd

member since 2018

My Learning is an educational technology provider.

Our core suite of tools, Fusion is a Virtual Learning Environment VLE /LMS. It allows schools to share learning and communicate, in any language, on any device. 

Teachers provide assignments, supported with rich multimedia. Mark and grade submitted work, provide detailed feedback and engage in dialogue with students. They Involve students in multimedia blogs and forums and communicate with parents and create calendar events for all their groups.

Task lists present learning materials for independent learning. Students access the materials. Teachers track activity. Used to provide students with structured learning or build a course with assessment. Set task lists for colleagues for staff CPD.

Students access structured learning, capture and upload all types of submission, receive awards and feedback on work, discuss their learning with teachers and re-submit work as needed. They check their timetable or calendar, discover and sign up for school activities and exercise their student voice.

Parents engage with their child’s learning, receive notifications and access information stored on the school’s MIS data system; attendance, behaviour, timetable and school reports. They also provide permission for extracurricular activities, keep track of their child’s activities and communicate with teachers.

Reports keep all staff informed.

We Connect to MIS systems. And offer Single Sign On. Hosted on Cloud or a local server.

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  • Fusion, Fusion Lite, Fusion Pro

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Early Years

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