ONVU Learning offers innovative and effective solutions to help teachers develop and improve their practice and overall skills.

Lessonvu is our first product and it uses 360-degree video technology to capture every moment of the lesson, so teachers can review their own performance, self-reflect and improve in key areas while reinforcing those areas that are showing success. Lessonvu is discreet and teacher ownership of the footage is at the heart of this system. 

The upcoming Align Methodology by ONVU Learning offers teachers a whole new framework on how to look at a lesson, the critical moments in it, and helps teachers understand the different tools available to them so they can navigate through a lesson in effective ways that maximises student attention, participation and overall outcome. 

Our extensive work with partner schools over the years has helped us improve our products and develop solutions that really work, as evidenced by various teachers and whose stories can be found on our case studies. Using our solutions have resulted in higher quality teaching, students outcome and overall professional satisfaction and well being. 

Own Brands

  • ONVU Learning - LessonVU

Supplier Brands

  • Oncam 360° and 180° video & camera technology

Early Years

  • No
Quotes by Education Professionals on the LessonVU System

ONVU Learning provide unique learning and teaching aids for the classroom, enabling education professionals to self-reflect, improve, get better results and make every lesson more effective and enjoyable.

A Quest for Better Lesson Observation and Teacher Development

Dissatisfied with traditional classroom observations, executive headteacher Dan Thomas at Shavington Primary School was looking for innovative new lesson observation techniques to revitalise teachers’ professional development, as they were considered threatening and intrusive. The Crewe-based school found that the unique features of ONVU Learning’s LessonVU technology offered a non-threatening, non-judgmental mechanism that identified classroom needs, provided bespoke and highly-informed staff professional development and in turn, improved learning outcomes for students.

Hereford Academy Drives Up Teaching Standards with 360° Video Review

Until recently, Hereford Academy in Herefordshire, was in special measures. With a new principal’s fresh approach, combined with 18 months of hard work by the staff, the school is now out of special measures. However, still considered to have ‘serious weaknesses’ assistant principal, Ed Snelgrove, recognised that to raise standards in learning they had to start with the teaching. The staff certainly couldn’t work harder; they just needed to work smarter! To achieve this, the Academy wanted to encourage its teachers to be more reflective.