Since 2008, BOFA has provided online formative assessment, followed by differentiated practice and summative retesting for 11+ exams.

BOFA also offers Key Stage 2 Mathematics and English and has International distributors promoting translated versions. Children love using BOFA 11+ and BOFA KS2 to improve their understanding of curriculum content.

The most recent additions to the BOFA portfolio are mock exams for both the ISEB Common Pre-Test and London 11+ Consortium tests. These 2 products are designed specifically to help children prepare for the format and style of these tests.

BOFA is the leading supplier of Online Formative Assessment.

Own Brands

  • bofa11plus.com, bofaKS2.co.uk, pre-test.co.uk, london-11plus.co.uk, primary-online.in

Supplier Brands

Early Years

  • No