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Practice Labs Systems Limited

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Practice Labs is an IT competency hub where students can practice IT skills, share outcomes with instructors, and prove proficiency to assessors.

Practice Labs cement IT theory and knowledge, giving students the chance to practice, learn from their mistakes, and gain confidence within a safe, live (not simulated) lab environment.

Exam Preps check students’ readiness for testing or certification.

The Practice Labs Environment also serves as a work experience hub. Students can access a limitless number of real-world scenarios, mirroring those they will find in the workplace.

Key features:

• Best in class live Practice Labs and Exam Preps that can be easily aligned with course content.
• 350+ Practice Lab and Exam Prep titles, covering critical topics from CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and more.
• 3,400+ modules, which can be mixed and matched to create Custom Labs.
• 24/7 access via LMS or web browser.
• Access to the latest devices, hardware and software – regardless of equipment age.
• Step-by-step instruction plus a mix of test types: text based; live questions; and performance-based testing – challenging students to problem-solve themselves.
• Automatic grading, reporting and assessment of student progress.
• Cybersecurity titles to help prepare students for Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges.
• Acts as a ‘virtual IT internship’, providing valuable work experience.
• 100% positive rating for customer support (85% excellent, 15% good).

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