Promethean is a global education company that improves learning productivity by developing, integrating and implementing innovative 21st century learning environments that help make everyone more engaged, empowered and successful.

Powered by ClassFlow, our ActivClassroom solutions harness the power of student motivation; creating collaborative experiences front-of-class, one-to-one and in small groups. Offering a wide range of technologies to enhance teaching and learning, Promethean can meet the needs of any classroom environment. Combined with award-winning ActivInspire software as standard, Promethean’s front-of-class displays can be connected with one-to-one devices using ClassFlow – the all-in-one teaching platform for creating a connected learning environment.

Own Brands

  • ActivClassroom
  • ActivBoard Systems
  • ActivInspire
  • ActiVote
  • ActivExpression

Supplier Brands

  • Promethean
  • Promethean Planet
  • ActivPanel
  • ClassFlow

Early Years

  • No