Promethean is a leading education technology company working to transform the way the world learns and collaborates.

From our founding in Blackburn, England, more than 25 years ago to our global operations serving 126 countries today, we’ve continued to explore, innovate, and inspire—designing learning and collaboration tools that are built for breakthroughs. Our award-winning interactive display, ActivPanel, and lesson delivery software, ActivInspire, were designed to engage students, connect colleagues, and bring out the brilliance in everyone.


Promethean’s comprehensive solution includes:

ActivPanel 9 Premium and ActivPanel 9

Promethean’s ActivPanel 9 delivers our most robust, seamless, and secure user experience yet, offering features that respond to the unique needs of teachers, IT staff, and school leaders.

ActivPanel LX

ActivPanel LX is an easy-to-use, flexible, and affordable front-of-classroom display built to engage, enlighten, and excite teachers and students alike. Designed to work with your current technology platform—along with the software and apps you know and love—this robust interactive display provides the quality, dependability, and versatility you expect from Promethean.


Own Brands

  • ActivInspire
  • ActivPanel and ActivPanel 9 Premium
  • ActivPanel LX

Supplier Brands

  • Promethean
  • ActivPanel

Early Years

  • Yes
Promethean continues to be the global leader in IFPDs for education

BLACKBURN, September 5, 2023 — Promethean has been named the global leader in interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) for education, according to...