Promethean is a global education company that improves learning productivity by developing, integrating and implementing innovative 21st century learning environments that help make everyone more engaged, empowered and successful.

Offering a wide range of technologies to enhance teaching and learning, Promethean can meet the needs of any classroom environment. Combined with award-winning ActivInspire software as standard, Promethean’s front-of-class displays can be connected with one-to-one devices using ClassFlow – the all-in-one teaching platform for creating a connected learning environment.

Own Brands

  • ActivInspire
  • ClassFlow

Supplier Brands

  • Promethean
  • ActivPanel
  • i-Series

Early Years

  • No
Promethean launches #ClassroomStory competition

Promethean launches #ClassroomStory competition giving educators the chance to win a state-of-the-art technology package worth £3,000+ Stories about workload, wellbeing...